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Leave the Driving to Us – Uber Extending Service to Event Planners


UberEvents is a new service being tested in New York City, where event planners can issue guest passes to ease the process of getting to an event, especially in a city such as NYC, where catching a cab or taking the train can be quite an experience in itself.

With the new Uber service, event professionals can purchase rides for select guests or as many as they want ahead of time. The guests receive their passes well before the event, via their smart device, and can schedule their pick ups without having to worry about having the correct change, tipping or even paying.

The Uber process makes things less complicated when planning an event, says Kimiko Ninomiya, senior marketing manager at Uber.

“We want to make the experience of planning transportation logistics as seamless as ordering a ride at the touch of a button.”

The concept is similar to Eventbrite, where you go online to the Uber.com/Events site and create your event. The guest passes you’ve created are sent to you via email and you then send them to the guests.

Once your event participants get the email with their passes, they go online to the app, enter their code from the pass, request their ride at their preferred time and bam! your guests are on their way.

You prepay for the guest passes; however, you will receive a refund for those that go unused.

You can alsp go online to your Uber account and see how many people have scheduled rides, which can provide an idea of how many people are actually going to attend your event.

This service could be part of a VIP strategy when planning your event. It adds an enticing element, as it makes it easier for special guests to not only say yes, but also endorses the feeling that you value their presence. You can target certain guests to ensure their attendance.

If the system works in New York City, Uber will expand to other cities.

“When planning a company happy hour, client appreciation dinner, or even upcoming nuptials, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch—including how your guests can safely get to and from without any fuss,” Uber Senior Marketing Manager Kimiko Ninomiya wrote on the Uber blog. “We want to make the experience of planning transportation logistics as seamless as ordering a ride at the touch of button.”

How UberEVENTS works:


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