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6 Cool Gadgets for Event Pros On-The-Go


If you’re a event professional or an  event planner, chances are you spend as much time on the road as you do at home. That means your time is of the utmost importance wherever you are and you want to make the best of it.

That’s where modern technology comes in. There are always gadgets popping up that can make a life on the road easier and you more efficient.karma-2

How often have you been at an airport or having a bite when you need to check your email, send off one or just straight go online, and the Wi-Fi is slow, or the place doesn’t even have it available? Look into the Karma Wi-Fi, an efficient and compact device that allows its user to access and pay for service as he/she uses it, not as a monthly charge. With hotels now charging for Wi-Fi access, whether you use a lot or not, this could become a handy little device that saves you money and time since you don’t have to run around trying to find a hot spot. Oh, and it’s fast, too, and at less than $100.

One constant is keeping your devices charged, whether it’s your phones, laptop or any other handheld. The conventional chargers aren’t good enough anymore, as you can only charge one device at a time. Recently introduced is a charger called the Mophie. It utilizes PowerStation XL technology, which enables its user to plug in two devices at once. It’s also a reasonable size and can fit in brief cases and handbags without being bulky or heavy.

But wait… the Mophie is also a marketing tool of sorts. It’s not expensive – around $50 – so some smart folk use them at their booth at trade shows to attract visitors, who may be in need of its services. Resourceful event pros and planners can strategically place them at conferences, shows, etc. not only for convenience but – you guessed it – to attract a crowd to a particular conference area.

How many times have you had to make copies of contracts or floor plans or menus? The paperwork involved in scoping a venue or setting up an event can be so much that it takes up more space than your suitcase! The VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand is about the size of a portable shaver, but it takes on a full size task in that it will scan documents with ease. When you get home, back to the office, or your hotel room, you can transfer them to your computer and look at them full size, without the extra bulk. This handy little gadget also scans photos. Starts less than $100, but may save you that in luggage fees alone!

When on site visits, it’s important to measure the space, whether it’s a whole room or an exhibitor booth. Most planners have to carry a tape measure or rely on venue estimates to size the space. Luckily, you can now use your phone to take measurements. These apps are available for both the Apple (EasyMeasure) and Android (SmartMeasure) and are handy and free!

Hotels, conventions, restaurants, airports – chances are you will need to charge or plug in at one of these spots, but they often have limited outlet availability. With a mini travel power strip like the PowerCube you can plug in several devices with one outlet, for just about $20. This can be a lifesaver during a long layover at the airport, and you might even make some new friends when there is one plug and several people wanting to use it!

Event Pros Gadgets List

1. Karma Wi-Fi

2. Mophie Charger

3. Magic Wand

4. EasyMeasure App (Apple)

5. SmartMeasure App (Andriod)

6. PowerCube

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