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7 Tips on Applying Periscope to Your Events


It seems as if new technologies are popping up everyday that will boost the efficiency of event planning. One of those is Periscope, a live video streaming platform, which is owned by Twitter, that lets you video record a segment and then broadcast it to anywhere on the planet, instantly.

It’s kind of like Skype met Twitter and they had a baby!

Or in layman’s terms… it enables you to go live using your mobile anywhere and anytime.

The concept is similar to using video conferencing on Skype, but Periscope is not restricted by the number of people who can see the video at any one time.

You sign up for Periscope either through your Twitter account or create a Periscope with your cell phone number. When you “scope” or send a segment, you can post a notification on Twitter and access both your Twitter and Periscope audiences within seconds of each other.

“The business applications of this platform are insane,” says Megan Pruitt, a social media expert and president of Suffusion Social. “The power of transparent technology will be the next evolution of determining whether a business can be successful or not. Periscope can be used by any brand in new and extremely creative ways. Live streaming technology is the new frontier, folks!”

Applying Periscope to Events

First, Periscope can be used to connect you and your event-goers in a very pro-active way before, during and after the event. Let’s say you line up a totally fabulous location. You can preview it “live” to your potential attendees to showcase the hotel rooms or its amazing buffet or anything on the property that would impress your attendees.

In addition, you can live stream some of the event as it happens, and if people aren’t able to attend, they can still ask questions and comment.

You’ve probably seen it on awards shows, where someone is not there to receive an award, but he/she shows up on a big screen, accepting the award from a faraway location. That means cameras and a cameraman and probably a lot of cables and equipment were set up at that remote location. But with the Periscope app, it can happen with just a cell phone.

7 Tips on Applying Periscope to Your Events

1. Just don’t throw up something random. Think about what your potential event-goers would want to see. If it’s a show type of event, give them a glimpse backstage or if it’s a trade kind of event where there will be booths, etc., show them the room, the décor and any extras that might be of interest.

2. Involve your attendees. Show them different designs or colors of a room and ask for their feedback. “Hey folks, what do you think of these decorations… should we go with the red or blue?” With the Periscope app, they can feel like their opinion matters and feel more attracted to the event.

3. Show off a performer or speaker. Send out a sound check or exclusive interview. Show your guests who is coming and what’s he/she is going to do or talk about.

4. Be light and loose. Make the segment feel real and not contrived or too serious.

5. Keep them short. Ten to 30 seconds tops… use them as teases of this amazing event to come that they absolutely can’t miss.

6. Use hash tags and give your little segment a title.

7. Be careful where and with whom you record the segment. Sometimes people don’t want to be on camera, and then there are those that will “bomb” your segment and say something wrong or curse. Remember back in 2008 when then Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin was seen on camera talking about Thanksgiving, unaware that behind her a man was actually chopping off a turkey’s head, live on TV? You don’t want that to happen to you, OK?

Periscope and similar apps can be a big boon to promoting your events, so don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities.

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