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The Metrics of Meeting Planner Success

MPSuccessPerhaps you are a novice meeting professional, or you’ve just hired an events manager for your organization and you want to measure the success of his or her (or your) practices. While there are many factors that go into an event’s success, these metrics can serve as guidelines for the standards and practices every event professional should consider.

Communication – there should be open communication between the client and the event pro. Team members, event staff and even attendees should feel comfortable sharing feedback, requests and questions with the planner before, during and after the event.

Creative Strategies –  The adult attention span is continuously getting shorter, thus the need for engagement and new technologies is growing greater. Taking risks, utilizing social media or speaker lead activities, or even up-and-coming trends, such as interactive carpets to capture attention, signifies a great event professional.

Impact Capacity – did your event change attendees way of thinking, inspire them to answer a call to action, or promote the brand or company’s mission? A successful meeting is impactful, memorable and incites change.

Budget – Contract mistakes, unplanned additions and skipped negotiations add up to a lot of wasted resources. A skilled event pro should not only keep expenses to a minimum, but offer creative solutions to provide more experience without greater cost.

Participant Engagement – your attendees are the most important aspect of your event; measuring their engagement and satisfaction is the best indicator of event success. Incorporating their views via social media or polls throughout the event will encourage attendee enjoyment.

Post Event Review – there is always room for improvement, so take time to review the total event with feedback from the team, client and attendee. Look for areas of success and opportunities for enhancement and apply those strategies to your next event.

These six measurable standards are staples in any event professional’s repertoire. Evaluate every event with these metrics in mind, and you’re sure to enjoy many successful meetings.

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