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Events today, whether they are trades shows, concerts or conferences, require a lot of work. It’s competitive out there, not only for attendees but also for their participation. Sponsors and exhibitors want to squeeze every dime out of you to make sure that the attendee has the ultimate experience.

You have to set a date, find a venue, schedule panels, shows, events, and even happy hours and dinners, and then you have to get people to come. So any assistance from technology that makes it easier is more than welcome.

In the beginning…

It used to be that you would call or email each one of your speakers and panelists separately, and then follow up with a letter. Now there are tools such as Google Hangout or Skype, which enable you to bring everyone together without them all having to be physically in the same place. Most of these video conference tools accommodate up to 10 people at a time. Use it for your speakers, but also use it for security, registration staff, the AV crew and any section or staff set that will be working your event. Everyone meets everyone and a true team is formed. Everyone gets the same info all at once, saving you time and ensuring your staff and speakers are all working toward the same vision.

Also early on… use social media to promote your event. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – the list goes on of all the options you have to spread the word with a few clicks of the button. Get your participants to put word of your event out there, too. For example, if Joe Brown is a speaker at your conference, he can promote his presence and your event by saying on his FB page: “Look where I will be Sept. 20-22. Won’t you join me?” A simple post can bring your speakers and your event a ton of attention as people share it with their networks.

Nix the printing…

Just about anyone who works in the modern world today has a smart phone, and many also have iPads, tablets and laptops. They can have a PDF or even doc file stored on those devices, and thus have access to your event’s info with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse. Even tickets and passes can be issued digitally. What a way to save time and money! No trip to the printer, no having to go to the post office, and guess what else? The ability to change a name, a time, or add a title without having to print the whole thing over again!

Being able to access the Internet is a MUST…

Most venues offer Internet access in certain parts of their buildings, but they often charge for access in your guest rooms and in business areas, such as meeting rooms and trade show floors. That means that when people need to check their email, look at their social media or access some info on the web, they will have to move to where they can get Internet access. And if that’s outside the panel or trade show floor, you have lost them, maybe just for a little while, but maybe also something else will distract them and they don’t come back.

Here’s what you do: find a sponsor that will cover the cost, or better yet, request that Internet is included as a concession when contracting with the venue.

Open your event to anyone, anywhere…

There may be some people who want access to your event, although they can’t be there in person. As this feature becomes more common, the price is becoming more affordable. This means you can increase revenue via remote registration fees and share your message with people worldwide.

Interaction is key…

Young people – a growing aspect of the work force – are inundated during every minute of their waking hours with information via multiple mediums, and the messages are fast and hit hard. In a session, encourage your panelists and speakers to keep the attention of the audience by engaging them as participants. Encourage them to use their smart phones by telling them they can text questions (and even comments) to the speakers. If it’s a presentation, the speaker can answer the texts after his delivery, or if it’s a panel, perhaps the moderator accepts the texts and divvies them to the panelists. The point is keeping your audience involved will keep them engaged.

Technology has become an essential in every aspect of our daily lives; keeping up to date will ensure that your event is impactful.

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