[Checklist] 7 Tips for a Better LinkedIn Profile – Updated for 2016

linkedin-eventprosCheckCreate a Custom URL. LinkedIn automatically assigns a URL of random letters and numbers when you sign up, to customize yours follow these quick steps:

Go to your “edit Profile” > find your public profile URL > click “edit” > specify your custom URL (usually or> click “set”


CheckHave a unique headline. So many opt for the standard “job title at company” headline- that’s boring! It’s called a headline because it should capture attention. Include your specialties, self-promotion, and some personality to ensure those 120 characters draw attention to who you are, not just what you do.

CheckUpload media to share your experience. Not only does LinkedIn allow you to publish posts to the LinkedIn Pulse, you can also upload photos, videos, documents, or slide shares to the Summary and Experience sections of your profile. Include pictures, articles, and any other media that illustrates your experience and expertise. Make your profile stand out with examples rather than descriptions of your talents!

CheckHave a strong summary. Personally, I don’t think people really read all the details in your experience section, but they summary they do read. While you don’t have to use all 2000 characters use this space to highlight your best assets and your personality. Write in first person to connect with the reader and tell your professional story in an intriguing and truthful way. Use bullets points or a narrative to express your skills and experiences.


One more tip for the summary – avoid boring descriptors such as “leader,” “strong communicator,” “effective salesperson,” they will cause readers to skim without connecting to your story.


CheckModerate Endorsements. Endorsements allow others to do the bragging for you. They show off your skills and allow prospective clients or employers to see what other people think you do well. The key to utilizing this tool to your advantage is keeping skills updated; endorsements for skills which aren’t relevant to your career take up space and attention. Drop outdated skills and add new responsibilities as your career evolves, but make sure your endorsements stay relevant.

CheckUpdate your status. Now, your LinkedIn connections really don’t need to know your political views or your favorite restaurant, but they do want to celebrate your professional accomplishments or help you find that perfect freelancer! Update your status at least once a week with professional, strategic content. Can’t think of anything to say? Share an interesting, industry related article or video and get the conversation going on that.


CheckExperience the Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse is like your favorite newspaper, social media feed, and industry forum rolled into one. Pulse has articles from major companies, influencers, and industry professionals that are relevant to your professional. You can also share content to the Pulse to reach people outside of your network.

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