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‘Gram it! 5 Way To Utilize Instagram at Your Next Event

With 300 million users each month Instagram is now larger than Twitter and keeps growing. The time is now to tap into the social media network that breathes life into the term “a picture is worth 1000 words.”LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

CheckPromote your Hashtag. If your company or association has a Twitter, you probably have a hashtag. Use it on Instagram to share images from attendees, and staff. Bonus, you can share Instagram pictures to Twitter, hitting two networks at once!

CheckCreate a Photo Booth. Let’s be honest, sitting in presentations all day can get a little dull. Liven your event up with a fun photo booth for attendees. Have props, and use an iPad to take the photos, then share them to your Instagram (using your event hashtag of course) and watch your attendees regram and share them across their own networks! Yay for free advertising!

CheckLocation is everything. Ok, that’s not a phrase, but it should be. When you upload a photo, tag your location. Then everyone knows where the event is held, and often the venue will regram your image to promote themselves- more exposure, everyone wins!

CheckSpread your message. Encourage attendees and speakers to post with a hashtag that shares your message, for example in November for National Diabetes Month JRDF launched a #T1Dlookslikeme campaign to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. Have a mission? Let your community share it for you.

CheckGain attention. Did you know that #eventprofs has over 90,000 images, #events over 2.2 million, and  #meetings over 200,000 on Instagram alone?! Add one of these hashtags to your image to connect with new industry professionals and promote your event to a wider audience.

Events, trade shows and launches can be the great place to display user-generated pictures on specific hashtags.

Share you experience with visual stories; it’s fun, engaging, and promotes your event!

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